Concert Bands

Congratulations to the PH Concert Bands on fantastic performances at the 2017 VBODA District 6 Concert Assessment!

The PH Symphonic Band earned an overall rating of “Excellent” while playing a very challenging program!

The PH Wind Symphony earned a rating of “Excellent” rating for their stage performance, and a rating of “Superior” in sight-reading!



Next Performances:

Pre-Assessment Concert

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

6:00 PM – PH Auditorium


The Patrick Henry High School Band Program has three performing concert bands. Read below for a description of each ensemble, current repertoire, and assignments specific to each group.


Wind Symphony

The PH Wind Symphony is the premiere wind band that the school offers. Traditionally comprised of Juniors and Seniors, the wind symphony performs the highest level of music and routinely receives Superior ratings.


Current repertoire:


Symphonic Band

The PH Symphonic Band is an intermediate group of young musicians who are on their way to mastering their instrument. Emphasis is placed on ensemble listening and developing advanced musical techniques

Current repertoire:


Concert Band

The PH Concert Band is a group of young musicians, mostly freshmen, who are still working the basics of their instruments. Emphasis is placed on individual tone and sight reading ability.

Current repertoire:



Concert Dress Information

  • Men: Black suit jacket or tuxedo jacket, white dress shirt, black pants, black shoes, black socks, black belt, black bowtie
  • Women: Long black skirt (provided by school) or black slacks (not provided), black dress top (provided by school), black flats (not provided), simple accent jewelry (not provided)

Band Class Assignments:

  1. After-school rehearsals: After-school rehearsals are VITAL to band success and may be scheduled
  2. Scale Pass-offs: By the end of each 9 weeks the students must have completed the Pass-off requirements for that 9 weeks. These requirements are subject to change each 9 weeks, and each assignment may be found above.
  3. Announcement fliers: Students are asked to bring fliers home occasionally with important band information. They are to be signed and returned.
  4. Playing Tests: Playing tests will be assigned on specific sections of music for students to perform individually. They are used to encourage student ownership of music learning.