Disney Trip 2018


Mickey And Minnie Mouse Welcome Everyone To Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Who: The 2018 Marching Patriots

When: October 31-November 4

What: The Marching Patriots will be marching down Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom

How Much: $670.00

Trip includes:

  • Performance on Main Street, U.S.A. and in special Disney movie music workshop
  • Disney Movie Music experience and recording
  • Four days, three nights in Disney property hotel
  • Admission to all four Disney World parks
  • 8 meals (3 breakfasts, 5 lunches or dinners)
  • Disney Luggage tags!


Draft Itinerary (subject to change!)

Departure: Wednesday, October 31 at 10:00 PM.

Yes, we are currently scheduled to depart on Halloween. Bus costumes encouraged!

Yes, we will drive through the night to have the most time possible at the

most magical place on earth!

Return: Sunday, November 4 at 11:00 PM


Payment Schedule:

March 1 – $200.00 trip deposit

April 11 – $100.00 for Marching Band fees!

May 1 – $150.00 Trip Payment #1

May 31 – $100.00 Trip Payment #2

August 1 – $100.00 Trip Payment #3

September 1 – $100.00 Trip Payment #4



  • This is a trip for members of the Marching Patriots. Only full year participants are eligible to go on this trip.
  • Once payments are made, there are absolutely no refunds
  • If students are assigned ISS or OSS within two weeks of a trip, they may be removed from the trip with Instructor’s or Principal’s discretion.
  • Students may be removed from the trip at any time based on Instructor’s or Principal’s discretion.
  • All Fundraising Points earned will be applied to the September 1 payment, then August 1 payment, etc.
  • Students with outstanding Marching Patriots fees, Indoor Guard fees, or Indoor Percussion fees must pay pre-existing financial obligations first before trip payments.

Student Fundraisers

  • Florida Indian River Grove, Citrus Sale
  • Forms arriving this week!
  • Order deadline is February 15, Order delivery is March 5
  • Sunburst Fruit, Peach sale
  • Orders April through May, due May 31
  • Orders arriving end of July, beginning of August
  • PH Swag Catalog
  • Orders starting late July
  • Orders arriving September


Band Booster Fundraisers

Band Boosters are assuming the cost of bus transportation and trip insurance.

All Marching Patriots members are expected to participate in Band Booster fundraisers! Total cost – $14,000

  • Salem Red Sox concessions – $2,500.00
  • Pepper Park concessions – $2,500.00
  • PH Athletics concessions – $1,000
  • “Spirit Nights” at local restaurants- $1,000
    1. Chik-fil-A –
    2. Chipotle –
  • Band-a-Rama concert, Silent Auction, and spaghetti dinner – $2,000
  • March-a-thon – $5,000


Fundraising Points (FP)

Due to IRS non-profit rules, the PH Band Boosters may no longer keep “student accounts”, tracking the dollar amount that each student has to their credit. Instead, any money earned from all Band Booster fundraisers will be tracked with all other booster funds. To reward students who participate in fundraisers, however, we have a new “Fundraising Points” system. Read below for an explanation of the Fundraising Points system.


Merchandise sold: Dollar amount that a student sells

Real Dollars Earned: Amount of profit for the band through sale of merchandise

  • $1-$100 RDE – student earns .7 FP per dollar
  • $101-$200 RDE – student earns .8 FP per dollar
  • $201-above RDE – student earns .9 FP per dollar


Student A earns $41 RDE x .7 = 28.7 à 29 FP earned (round up to whole #)

Student B earns $123 RDE x .8 = 98.4 à 99 FP earned

Student C earns $306 RDE x .9 = 275.4 à 276 FP earned


Round up FP to the nearest multiple of 5, and that amount will be subtracted from the students overall trip cost.


Student A earned 29 FP, trip cost is $30 less à $570

Student B earned 99 FP, trip cost is $100 less à $500

Student C earned 276 FP, trip cost is $280 less à $320